The doors to Community Kitchens are open to all. No one is required to attend a religious service, rich or poor are equally welcome-they only need to be hungry. We help anyone who is hungry and unable to buy or cook food regardless of race, religion, disability, gender or any other criteria. Most of all we call those who dine with us “guests” and to treat them as such.

Those we serve come from a variety of backgrounds. Generally we help children, the unemployed, homeless, the working poor, the disabled, families on welfare, veterans and the elderly whose fixed income is too small.  Some of our guests have income.  About 25% of our guests are employed part-time or on a temporary basis, but still cannot meet their basic needs. Eating at Community Kitchens allows them to use their money for rent, gas, utilities and other necessities that help keep them from becoming homeless. 30 – 50% of our guests are homeless. The homeless, who often sleep outside or in shelters, need a nutritious meal at least once a day. For 60% of our guests this is the only hot meal they will get all day and for 30% it is the only meal of any kind! Those who eat with Community Kitchens can also receive referrals to other community agencies that can assist with housing and other needs.

Below is contact information about some of these agencies serving the Birmingham Area. Please note this list is not comprehensive. You may contact One Roof at 205-254-8833 for additional information.

Birmingham Aids Outreach – 322-4197
Brother Byran Mission -322-0092
Christian Service Mission – 252-9906
Firehouse Shelter for Men – 252-9571
First Light Shelter for Women – 323-4277
Greater Birmingham Ministries– 326-6821
Highlands United Methodist Church – 933-8751
Magic City Harvest – 591-3663
Interfaith Hospitality House – 591-4302
Jimmie Hale Mission – 323-5878
Salvation Army Birmingham – 328-5656
United Way Community Food Bank – 252-7343
United Way of Central Alabama 251-5131
Urban Ministries – 781-0517