Food Donations

Donations of food are important to the operation of Community Kitchens.  Please consider donating items to Community Kitchens.

Contact for Andrea Blackert for information on donations and delivery arrangments 251-3569.

Individually packaged, non-perishable food for sack lunches
We serve approximately 50 sack lunches every Sunday. Foods high in calories and protein that don’t require refrigeration or heating are best for the homeless. Items such as pudding cups, fruit cups, vienna sausages, fresh fruit, peanut butter or cheese crackers, granola bars etc… work great!

BIG CANS of any vegetables or broths!
We cook for approximately 250 people a day, so big (#10) cans are most economical.

Bounty of Bread!
Sandwich bread, buns & rolls are needed every week!

Fresh is Best! Fresh vegetables & fruits provide valuable nutrition to those we serve. Fresh produce from the store or your own garden is most appreciated!

Kitchen Clean-up!
We need Kitchen Cleaning Supplies to help keep our kitchens sparkling clean!  Also, items like toilet paper and feminine hygene products are espcially needed by those we serve.

Community Kitchens gladly accepts food left from parties or catered events! Make sure it stays well sealed and refrigerated!